Lexington Search Fund Capital (LSFC) is a private investment firm focusing on Search Fund investing. For the past 30 years, Search Funds have become a vehicle for young, ambitious entrepreneurs who want to acquire businesses to operate and grow.  Typically, these companies have a recurring revenue business model and compete in the lower end of the mid-market.  As an investment asset class, Search Funds have proven to be successful at generating returns that have been significantly higher than those of lower-middle market private equity or venture investments.  A key ingredient to this success is matching entrepreneurs, who have the determination and grit to find and operate companies that have potential upside, with investors who have deep experience in acquiring and growing small businesses.

At Lexington Search Fund Capital, we have over 50 years of experience to offer young entrepreneurs to support them in all aspects of the Search Fund process.  Whether it is strategically evaluating markets, identifying companies, structuring deals, advising on driving growth through key strategic and operating initiatives, the partners of LSFC have hands-on experience and a proven record of success.  We want to advise and share our experience to help make the Search Fund entrepreneurs as successful as they can be.